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Bob Sakata: American Farmer

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Daniel Blegen

Author Daniel Blegen brings the story of farmer and businessman Bob Sakata to the Now You Know Bio series. Bob Sakata was born and raised near San Francisco, California. He was relocated along with his family and 120,000 other Japanese Americans to internment camps in the aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor and entry of the United States into World War II.

Upon release, Bob Sakata moved to Colorado. He was reunited with his family after the war, and has owned and operated Sakata Farms near Brighton, Colorado for more than sixty years.

Overcoming childhood poverty, fear and prejudice during the war, and personal hardship and loss, Bob Sakata's success through determination, creativity, and a positive attitude exemplify the American spirit.

"Bob Sakata is a present day hero whose life shows that hard work and determination will result in great accomplishments. His life story will inspire all who read it."
— Joan Kniss, Colorado Teacher of the Year 2001.

"It's a fascinating book even for those well beyond elementary school age and makes Sakata's point—one can succeed in America if they are willing to overcome obstacles. And he did, despite an impoverished childhood and growing up in a hurry when, at 16, he and his family were sent to an internment camp following the outbreak of World War II."
— Greeley Tribune

"A work that models non-fiction writing techniques to younger writers. It flowed in an easy to follow, narrative manner that is appropriate for middle school and higher readers."
— Center for Colorado and the West

Ages 10 and up
102 pages; illustrated
Trim: 5.5" by 8.5"
Publication date: 2009

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