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Product Catalog : Great Lives in Colorado History
William Bent: Frontiersman

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Code: 978-0-86541-117-3
Price: $8.95
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By Cheryl Beckwith

[About the Great Lives biography series.]

William Bent was born in Missouri in 1809. He stayed in school only long enough to learn to read and write before going west to join his brother Charles in the fur trapping business.

William and Charles began trading with the Cheyenne and other Native Americans. In 1833, William, Charles, and their partner Ceran St. Vrain opened an adobe trading post on the Santa Fe Trail that came to be known as Bent's Fort.

William Bent became a trusted friend and advisor of the Cheyenne, and he became an Indian agent who understood and appreciated Native American culture.s.

Ages 8 to 10
Bilingual in English and Spanish
60 pages (English 29/Spanish 31)
Trim: 5" by 8"
Publication date: 2011

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