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Product Catalog : Great Lives in Colorado History
Elbridge Gerry: The Paul Revere of Colorado

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Code: 978-0-86541-156-2
Price: $8.95
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By Jennifer L. Buck

[About the Great Lives biography series]

Elbridge Gerry lived when the West was truly wild. He was a trapper, married into the Sioux nation (multiple times), and operated a trading post and a large horse ranch. He’s best known as ‘the Paul Revere of Colorado’ because, in 1874, he rode from ranch to ranch warning settlers of an impending attack by Native Americans. He single handed thwarted one of the largest attacks ever coordinated by Native Americans in Colorado.

Ages 8 to 10
Bilingual in English and Spanish
78 pages (English 38/Spanish 40)
Trim: 5" by 8"
Publication Date: 2013

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