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Trouble on the Tracks

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Nancy Oswald


Trouble on the Tracks, the second Ruby and Maude Adventure book, returns readers to the rich setting of Cripple Creek, 1896.

Ruby May Oliver and her donkey and best friend, Maude, find a new friend when a cat named Trouble entwines itself around Maude’s legs and Ruby’s heart. Trouble and the adventurous eleven-year-olds Ruby and Maude try to stay out of trouble during the chaos following two fires in one week that have nearly destroyed the town. Can Ruby help it if she must interfere with a lynch mob ready to string up her friend Amos? And how was she to know that she would be stuck if she climbed out on the church roof? And about that business of getting trapped under a moving train, that was a mistake too. Had Ruby known the train was going to leave the station, she would have left Trouble to fend for herself.

As in the first Ruby and Maude Adventure, discouraging Pa’s budding romantic interest in Miss Sternum, the schoolmarm, remains paramount on Ruby’s mind. Ruby’s fervent desire is that she and Pa will return to their old life of roaming from mining town to mining town in the Rockies.

Trouble on the Tracks is Nancy Oswald's fourth work of historical fiction set in Colorado.

Finalist for the CAL Writing Award for Childrens Fiction from Colorado Authors League.

Finalist for the Will Rogers Medallion Award

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“A fun romp through the Old West, written with humor and charm. Ruby and Maude confront family troubles and thieving outlaws with spunk, smarts, and daring. The friendship between girl and donkey will delight readers of all ages.”
—Kathleen Ernst, award-winning author of the Caroline Abbott series from American Girl

“Ruby and Maude's friendship deepens the story and will endear them to readers of all ages. I'm counting on more chapters from colorful Cripple Creek!”
—Mary Cronk Farrell, award-winning MG/YA author

204 pages
Trim: 5.5" x 8.5"
Publication Date: 2014

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