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Doc Susie: My Neighbor

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Owen Briggs

Susan Anderson (1870-1960), one of the first women to practice medicine in Colorado, was known as "Doc Susie" by residents of the Fraser Valley where for fifty years she was the only physician in the area.

Author Owen Briggs brings personal insights into the life of Doc Susie, having lived next door for several years as a youngster. Owen's Aunt Hazel, as executor to Doc's estate, was able to preserve many of her personal belongings, and Owen has photographed a selection of those items to be published for the first time here.

"In Doc Susie: My Neighbor, author Owen Briggs brings a unique perspective to one of Colorado’s most celebrated personalities of the 20th century. As a young boy, Owen lived next door to Dr. Susan Anderson in the mountain town of Fraser. His personal recollections tell Doc’s story in a way that no one has written before. The book is enhanced by the many wonderful photographs from Owen’s personal collection published here for the first time. Doc Susie has gathered much attention and respect since her death in 1960. Articles, books, and documentaries have been written about her and rightfully so. Doc Susie, My Neighbor is more than another retelling of her life. It is a fascinating ‘must read’ book about a revered Colorado icon."
—Tim Nicklas
Author, Historian, and Director of the Grand Encampment Museum

"This book is a powerful lesson for our students about primary sources and archival documents. It is a wonderful, accessible book that is interesting to adults but also a great teaching tool for the students."
—Anna Szczepanski
East Grand School District, Fraser, Colorado.

"Owen Briggs has provided his unique perspective and keen knowledge of the legendary Doc in a new book. Doc Susie: My Neighbor contains several photographs of items that belonged to Anderson, now in his possession. Images of Doc's wedding dress, never worn, her many medical instruments, books, ledgers and letters tell the tale of Doc Susie better than any book so far to date."
—Linda Wommack
Colorado Author and Historian

Paperback, illustrated
192 pages
Trim: 9.0" by 6.0"
Publication date: 2019

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