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Product Catalog : Native American
Tobacco, Peacepipes, and Indians

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Louis Seig

Before the cigar, before the cigarette, before the establishment of tobacco as a European commercial product, Tobacco was a sacred herb used for Native American ceremonies. Europeans readily embraced the casual use of tobacco, but missed the significance of its use.

Tobacco was intimately involved in all forms of public religious ceremonies among Native Americans. It was burned as incense, thrown into the air or on the ground, or on water, or buried. Shamans used the herb as both a method for establishing a relationship with the spirits and as a fumigation to drive disease away from the patient's body. Smoking the Calumet or the peace pipe, was an official part of tribal meetings and its use limited to a select few.

Tobacco, Peacepipes, and Indians examines the many ceremonial uses of tobacco among tbe native peoples of North America.

60 pages; illustrated
Trim: 5.5" by 8.5"
Publication date: 1999

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