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High Country Poems of Inez Hunt

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Code: 978-0-86541-083-1
Cover Price: $10.95
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Inez Hunt was a historian, short story writer, and non-Fiction author,
but the heart and mind of this extraordinary woman was in her poetry. She wrote hundreds of poems, from short comic verses to poignant reflections on ranch life.

Inez Hunt's poetry resonates with those who live in the shadow of the Rockies and in spirit with those she described in "Mountain Cemetery:"

Bow with your heart
To all the ghosts of men who lived by code,
Compelled to play each card exactly as it fell—
The unafraid—the strong—the uninsured.
Who died bequeathing to us all
Dim trails that lead forever to a western sun.

57 pages; illustrated
Trim: 5.5" by 8.5"
Publication date: 2008

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