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Lights On!
Ike Hoover and the Wiring of the White House  
By Cynthia Becker
Illustrated by Benjamin Hummel

When author Cynthia Becker passed away in June of 2016, she left a manuscript for a children's book under consideration here at Filter Press. As was all of her writing, Lights On! is a well-written story that reflects Cynthia's deep interest in history. She includes Thomas Edison, the Benjamin Harrison family, and others in the story of how young Ike Hoover wired the White House for electricity.

Colorado artists Benjamin Hummel is creating beautiful and evocative paintings to illustrate Lights On! You can see more art and learn more about the artist on his blog

  Spring 2017                        

Two more books in the Now You Know Bio series are scheduled in 2016. 

Ken Salazar  

Ken Salazar grew up in the San Luis valley of Colorado on a family ranch dating from the 1870s. He graduated from Colorado College and earned a law degree from the University of Michigan. Salazar held a number of positions in sate government before election to the United States Senate and was later appointed by President Obama as Secretary of the Interior.

Daniel Blegen is the author of
Bob Sakata: American Farmer and co-author with Melvin Bacon of Bent's Fort: Crossroads of Cultures on the Santa Fe Trail. 

Edwin Carter 

Colorado placer miner turned naturalist Edwin Carter became concerned about the environmental impact of mining and feared that many bird and animal species might disappear from the Rocky Mountains. He collected hundreds of specimens for his Log Cabin  Naturalist Museum in Breckenridge. At his death in 1900, Carter's collection became the basis for the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. 

Thomas Price is author of the Edwin Carter biography.

             Price: $ 8.95 each
             20% discount for full set                         

                     The Words of Curly McGee

                                 By Donna Guthrie

Curly McGee

Everyone loves picture books, and The Words of Curly McGee is delightful. Curly the cowpoke can't read, but when a new schoolmarm comes to board at the ranch, literacy and romance bloom.

Donna Guthrie is the author of numerous books for children including The Witch Who Lives Down the Hall.
 Paperback; 32 Pages
 ISBN: 978-0-86541-186-9
 Fall 2016   

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