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Poker Alice Tubbs
The Straight Story

A Lady Gambler in the Wild West
by Liz Morton Duckworth

Poker Alice Tubbs is legendary in the West—famous for her big black cigar and her high-stakes life in gold rush boomtowns of the Rockies and the Black Hills.

Poker Alice: The Straight Story sorts out tangled facts from colorful fiction to reveal a unique and determined woman living in a man’s world.  During her life, Poker Alice (1851-1930) encountered notorious characters including Soapy Smith, Calamity Jane and Madame Moustache. From mountaintops to valleys, she weathered victories and defeats, always ready to take risks—on the cards or with her heart.

A passion for getting at truth of Alice’s story launched Liz Morton Duckworth’s in-depth research and resulted in this book.  Poker Alice: The Straight Story is a fascinating true tale of the West and serves as a must-have resource for researchers and writers.

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