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Great Lives in Colorado History
Biography for Elementary Students

The Great Lives in Colorado History series now includes 33 Colorado heroes! In 2011 Series I offered the life stories of thirteen notable Coloradans. In 2013 Series II added twenty new volumes. (New titles are marked with asterisks below).

The books are designed for use in third and fourth gades, and each book contains full text in both English and Spanish.

The biography series is a project of Denver Public Schools, Colorado Humanities, and Filter Press.

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                        Augusta Tabor* by Diane Major
                        Barney Ford by Jamie Trumbull
                        Benjamin Lindsey* by Gretchen Allgeier

                        Bill Hosokawa* by Steve Walsh
                        Charles Boettcher by Grace Zirkelbach
                        Chief Ouray by Steve Walsh
                        Chin Lin Sou* by Janet Taggert
                        Clara Brown by Suzanne Frachetti
                        Doc Susie by Penny Cunningham
                        Elbridge Gerry* by Jennifer L. Buck
                        Emily Griffith* by Emily C. Post
                        Enos Mills by Steve Walsh
                        Fannie Mae Duncan* by Angela Dire
                        Felipe and Dolores Baca* by E. E. Duncan
                        Florence Sabin* by Stacey Simmons
                        Frances Wisebart Jacobs* by Martha Biery
                        Hazel Schmoll* by Penny Cunningham
                        Helen Hunt Jackson by E. E. Duncan
                        Kate Slaughterback* by Lindsay McNatt
                        Katharine Lee Bates* by Monique Cooper-Sload
                        John Dyer* by Jane A. Eaton
                        John Routt* by Rhonda Rau
                        John Wesley Powell* by Suzanne Curtis
                        Josephine Aspinwall Roche by Martha Biery
                        Justina Ford* by K. A. Anadiotis
                        Little Raven by Cat DeRose
                        Otto Mears* by Grace Zirkelbach
                        Ralph Carr by E. E. Duncan
                        Richard Russell* by Christine Winn
                        Robert Speer by Stacy Turnbull
                        Rodolfo “Corky” Gonzales* by Jorge-Ayn Riley
                        William Bent by Cheryl Beckwith
                        Zebulon Montgomery Pike by Steve Walsh

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South Park Perils
Short Ropes and True Tales
Historic Park County, Colorado

By Christie Wright

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Author Christie Wright takes readers on a journey through historic Park County during Colorado's outlaw era in the latter half of the nineteenth century. The stories of notorious criminals and descriptions of evil deeds make fascinating reading and make the book a perfect companion for exploring the South Park area.

Christie’s careful and comprehensive research, one gets the feeling of being transported to the crime scenes, as she describes the events and the happenings surrounding each story of the misdeeds of Park County bad guys. The book makes you want to load your friends or family in the car to rush to see if you can experience the place for yourself.”
—Linda Balough, Executive Director, South Park National Heritage Area

            ISBN: 978-0-86541-152-4
            Trim: 6.0" x 9.0"                        

Harvey H. Potthoff

Harvey H. Potthoff
A Life in Process

By Richard L. Phillips and Others

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Harvey H. Potthoff (1911-2002) was an influential Methodist theologian and pastor. He was a student of philosopher Alfred North Whitehead at Harvard and made Whitehead's process theology a central element of his religious thinking. Dr. Potthoff was pastor at Christ Methodist Church in Denver for 16 years, 1936-1952, and professor at the Iliff School of Theology in Denver from 1952 until retiring in 1981. After retirement from Iliff, Dr. Potthoff went to Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln as Distinguished Visiting Professor of Religion where he stayed for eleven years.

Richard L. Phillips is editor and primary author of this exploration of Harvey Potthoff's life, pastoral and religious theology, and influence on Methodism and the greater Christian community. Dr. Phillips, a student of Dr. Potthoff and former Dean of Hendricks Chapel at Syracuse University, includes guest chapters from family, colleagues, and students including Gregg Anderson, Howard Bailey, Charles R. “Rick” Chappell, David E. Conner, Peter Gay, Paul J. Kottke, Charles S. Milligan, David Barrett Peabody, J. Richard Peck, J. Alton Templin, and Thomas C. Wood.

The Divinity School of the University of Chicago was the center for the development of process theology during the middle part of the twentieth century. But there was a second, largely independent, location at Iliff School of Theology in Denver. Through the remarkable person of Harvey Potthoff, process theology at Iliff was church theology, and deeply pastoral.
—John Cobb
   Professor of Theology Emeritus
   Claremont School of Theology


Publication of Harvey H. Potthoff: A Life in Process is co-sponsored by the Iliff School of Theology and Nebraska Wesleyan University.

July 2013
978-0-86541-151-7  Paperback

Nothing Here but Stones

By Nancy Oswald

Nancy Oswald's first historical novel is about the establishment of a Russian-Jewish community in Cotopaxi, Colorado, in 1882. Emma and her family, along with their neighbors have escaped persecution in Tsarist Russia to seek a better life in America, but they face hardship and struggle in the harsh climate of the Rocky Mountains. 

Nothing Here but Stones is winner of the Willa Literary Award and a finalist for the Spur Award.

First published by Henry Holt and Co. in 2004, Nothing Here but Stones now joins Nancy's other historical novels, Rescue in Poverty Gulch (2011) and Hard Face Moon (2008), in the Filter Press catalog.

            ISBN: 978-0-86541-150-0
            Price: $8.95                     

Colorado's Landmark Hotels

By Linda R. Wommack

In Colorado’s Landmark Hotels, Linda Wommack takes readers on a tour of the thirty historic hotels in Colorado with landmark preservation status. All but three of the hotels are at least one hundred years old, and all are all in operation today.

Hotels played a prominent and often colorful role in the development of mining towns across the Colorado Territory. Early entrepreneurs saw the need to accommodate the miners, settlers, railroad builders, and businessmen rushing into the Colorado Rocky Mountains spurred on by the 1859 slogan, "Pikes Peak or Bust." Hotels, rustic or grand, also often served as the social and cultural center of early communities in Colorado.

Much more than simple histories, these hotel biographies capture the unique character of the hotels profiled, deftly describing for each the context of its place and times. So well researched and written is this compendium of the state’s venerable venues that checking out Colorado’s Landmark Hotels is the next best thing to checking in.
                                        — Debra Faulkner, Brown Palace Hotel historian

Linda Wommack is the author of six books on Colorado history, including From the Grave: Colorado’s Pioneer Cemeteries, Our Ladies of the Tenderloin: Colorado’s Legends in Lace, and Colorado History for Kids. Visit her website for more about Linda.

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The book includes a music CD by award-winning singer/songwriter Jon Chandler Listen to Jon's introduction to the book.

Listen to one of the songs from the CD:

            206 pages
            978-0-86541-129-6 (paperback)
            Price: $16.95                    

Mother Jones 
and the Colorado Coal Field War
by Lois Ruby

Mary Harris "Mother" Jones (1837-1930) was a fiery orator and fearless organizer who spoke out for the rights of workers in all parts of the United States during the first decades of the twentieth century. Barely five feet tall with a cloud of snow-white hair, the little lady clad in  black and lace was called "the most dangerous woman in America."

New Mexico author Lois Ruby tells the story of Mother Jones against the backdrop of the Colorado Coal Field War of 1913-1914. The labor dispute went on for months. Mother Jones was there from the beginning urging the striking men of Trinidad and Ludlow to continue their fight for better wages and working conditions. She was arrested, served time in prison, and was escorted from the state in the months leading up to the Ludlow Massacre. The tragedy at Ludlow, when National Guardsmen raided a tent colony of miners and their families killing 20 people—mostly women and children—affected Mother Jones deeply. She traveled across the country to tell the story and testified before the U.S. Congress.

Her mission and her life are summed up in her rallying cry, "Pray for the dead and fight like hell for the living."

STRIKE! is available in both hardcover and paperback editions.

  224 Pages
  978-0-86541-125-8 Hardcover
  978-0-86541-141-8 Paperback                       

Legends Lost

by Charlie Mac

Legends Lost is a gift to readers who love historical fiction and adventure set in the West. All the charm and lore of the days when honor trumped honesty and a man did the right thing without being told what the right thing was. Outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid have turned a new leaf since returning from South America. Their train robbing days are behind them. Life is settled and good. When a journal surfaces that links railroad baron E. H. Harriman to the assassination of President Lincoln, all the power of the Union Pacific Railroad is turned on Butch and Sundance with a vengeance. The stakes are high. For Butch and Sundance their very lives are at risk. For the Union Pacific, corporate survival is on the line, and no measure is too extreme to prevent the journal becoming public. The resulting scandal could destroy the Union Pacific, other companies and financiers, and perhaps even the economic health of the nation. The action moves across the country from 1911 New York City, to the mountain town of Crested Butte, Colorado, with colorful characters every stop of the way. Available in hardcoverpaperback and Kindle™ editions.

Charlie Mac began writing as a second, or perhaps, third career. His first careers were as a marketing executive and entrepreneur. Charlie is a native Californian who now lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He was inspired to write a novel to answer the question, what happened to Butch and Sundance after Bolivia. Charlie heard actor Paul Newman say in an interview that no one actually saw Butch and Sundance die in the film. That was inspiration enough for Charlie, long fascinated by the tale of the amiable outlaws.

Visit Charlie Mac on the web at

  320 Pages
  978-0-86541-126-5 (Hardcover)
  978-0-86541-140-1 (Paperback)                       

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