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          Historic Homes of Colorado Springs 
                       and Vicinity


             A Personal Selection by Helen M. Anderson
                 Photographs by Gordon Anderson

Historic Homes

Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak region are home to many historic homes. This book is a selection of three-dozen favorites of the author, and it provides an introduction to the rich legacy of residential structures in the area. Many of the houses are listed on The National Register of Historic Places. The text by Helen Anderson is enhanced by the striking photographs by Gordon Anderson. 
The book is a publication of the Historic Preservation Alliance of Colorado Springs in partnership with Filter Press. 


Paperback; 96 pages
Trim: 11.0" x 8.5"
ISBN: 978-0-86541-189-0
Winter 2014

                   The Capitol Ghost Mystery 

                            By Michelle M. Barone
                        Illustrations by Tara McMillan

The Capitol Ghost Mystery

A portrait of Abraham Lincoln has been stolen from the Colorado State Capitol for the second time, and Silvie Blake is on the hunt for clues during her class field trip to the Capitol. Silvie is soon caught in a puzzling web woven around history, ghosts and her own family. As she solves one mystery after another she finds keys that unlock her past, forms an unexpected friendship, and gains a belief in herself that will change her life forever. 

The Capitol Ghost Mystery  is a new paperback edition of Michelle Barone's 2008 novel, which was a 2013 selection for the Youth One Book, One Denver program. 

   Paperback; 144  Pages
   ISBN: 978-0-86541-088-6
   Price: $9.95

                          Trouble on the Tracks
                                 By Nancy Oswald

Trouble on the Tracks

Nancy Oswald has written a new adventure about Ruby May Oliver and her donkey Maude. In Trouble on the Tracks, Ruby must again face down that no-good, low-down Jake Hawker and keep her pa away from Miss Sternum, who just might be leading a double-life.

Exciting and funny, it's a very entertaining sequel to Rescue in Poverty Gulch.

Nancy is the author two other historical novels, Hard Face Moon and Nothing Here but Stones, as well as Edward Wynkoop: Soldier and Indian Agent, a Now You Know Bio.  

  Paperback;  148 pages
  Price: $8.95

Edward Wynkoop
Soldier and Indian Agent

                                 By Nancy Oswald

Edward 'Ned' Wynkoop came west to Denver in the very early days of that city. In the American Civil War he served as an officer and saw action at the Battle of Gloreita Pass. 

He may be best known for his role in the investigation and condemnation of Col. John Chivington following the Sand Creek Massacre. Wynkoop wasn't present at the attack and was appalled at the eye-witness accounts he heard during his investigation. In 1866, he became an Indian agent for the Southern Cheyennes and Arapaho, but resigned from that post following the Battle of Washita River. He died in Santa Fe in 1891.

Edward Wynkoop: Soldier and Indian Agent is Number Seventeen in the Now You Know Bio series. 

Nancy Oswald is the author of four historical novels: Nothing Here But Stones, Hard Face MoonRescue in Poverty Gulch
, and Trouble on the Tracks .

       Paperback; 70 pages
       ISBN: 978-0-86541-184-5
       Price: $8.95                        

                               Florence Sabin
           Teacher, Scientist, Humanitarian

                                    By E. E. Duncan

Susan Anderson

Florence Sabin was the driving force behind Colorado's landmark public health legislation in 1947, known as the Sabin Health Bills. She was among the first women to graduate from Johns Hopkins Medical School and became the school's first woman professor. As a scientist, Florence made important contributions in the fight against tuberculosis.  

E. E. Duncan adds the story of Florence Sabin: Teacher, Scientist, Humanitarian as Number Sixteen in the Now You Know Bio series. She is also the author of two biographies in the Great Lives in Colorado History series: Ralph Carr and Felipe and Dolores Baca  

  Paperback;  66 pages
  Price: $8.95

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