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Poker Alice Tubbs
The Straight Story

A Lady Gambler in the Wild West
by Liz Morton Duckworth

Poker Alice Tubbs is legendary in the West—famous for her big black cigar and her high-stakes life in gold rush boomtowns of the Rockies and the Black Hills.

Poker Alice: The Straight Story sorts out tangled facts from colorful fiction to reveal a unique and determined woman living in a man’s world.  During her life, Poker Alice (1851-1930) encountered notorious characters including Soapy Smith, Calamity Jane and Madame Moustache. From mountaintops to valleys, she weathered victories and defeats, always ready to take risks—on the cards or with her heart.

A passion for getting at truth of Alice’s story launched Liz Morton Duckworth’s in-depth research and resulted in this book.  Poker Alice: The Straight Story is a fascinating true tale of the West and serves as a must-have resource for researchers and writers.

     Price: $12.95                    

Stephen H. Long
Frontier Explorer

                                 By Steve Walsh

Stephen Long

Stephen Harriman Long was a U.S. army explorer, topographical engineer, and railway engineer. As an inventor, he is noted for his developments in the design of steam locomotives. He was also one of the most prolific explorers of the early 1800s.

In his 1820 expedition, Long and 19 men traveled up the North Platte River to the Rocky Mountains. After finding and naming Long’s Peak, the expedition journeyed down the South Platte to the Arkansas watershed.

Stephen Long: Frontier Explorer is Number Eighteen in the Now You Know Bio series. 

Steve Walsh is the author of four books in the Great Lives in Colorado History series: Enos Mills, Chief Ouray, Zebulon Pike, and Bill Hosokawa.

       Ages 10 and up
       Paperback; 100 pages
       ISBN: 978-0-86541-250-7
       Price: $8.95                        

BJ Erikson

BJ Erickson

By Sarah Byrn Rickman


Before the Women Airforce Service Pilots, commonly called WASP, female pilots were making an important contribution to the World War II build-up by ferrying planes in the Women's Auxiliary Ferrying Squadron (WAFS). Barbara Jane 'BJ' Erickson was one of the first WAFS, having learned to fly at eighteen. BJ Erickson: WASP Pilot tells the life story of a courageous and pioneering woman.
BJ became a WAFS squadron leader and the first woman pilot to receive the Air Medal for Meritorious Achievement.
Sarah Byrn Rickman, is the author of eight books about the early female military pilots of World War II. This biography of BJ Erickson is her first book for younger readers in grades six through eight.

Grades 6 thru adult

                        Novels by Dorothy Yoder 

Undeserved Consequences

           Undeserved Consequences

What does it take to manage the consequences of living in today’s world?

Not all undeserved consequences are unpleasant, but many are. In this book, broken people deal with undeserved consequences through their own filters. Amber Hanson, the heroine of Redemption Ridge, faces a tragedy that leaves her broken. Only time and determination can mend her broken heart, but an unexpected gift comes wrapped in peace and hope and gives her the fortitude necessary to welcome the future. 

            Redemption Ridge Redemption Ridge

“If it is a sin to lie to others, what is it to lie to oneself?”

Amber Hanson suffers two demoralizing whammies when she breaks up with her long time boyfriend and loses her job as a result of corporate downsizing. She leaves the hubbub of downtown Denver for the small town of Westcliffe, Colorado, to escape for the summer. But peculiarities of her new neighbors interfere. In Redemption Ridge , Amber’s plan disintegrates as she becomes entangled in the problems of others and becomes caregiver to a huge dog and a fragile old man. A dead body surfaces and betrayal abounds. From little white lies to manipulation to gossip, various levels of deceit flourish. Amber uncovers many personal truths as she stumbles from one discovery to another and the unfolding mystery surrounds her.

Lights On!
By Cynthia Simmelink Becker
Illustrated by Benjamin Hummel

When author Cynthia Simmelink Becker passed away in June of 2016, she left a manuscript for a children's book under consideration here at Filter Press. Lights On!: Ike Hoover Electrifies the White House reflects Cynthia's deep interest in history. She tells the little-known story of how in 1891 Ike Hoover wired the White House for electricity and stayed on as an employee for 42 years.

Colorado artist Benjamin Hummel brings the story to life with beautiful and evocative  illustrations. 

  Ages 5-8
  Hardcover with jacket
  Price: $19.95                        

                      Memories of Boulder County
through the Art and Words of Robert Dacey

Longmont artist Robert Dacey has made it his mission to capture and preserve the historical settings of Boulder County. He sees old barns or mining structures as monuments to the area's past. In Memories of Boulder County through the Art and Words of Robert Dacey, readers can enjoy a selection of Dacey's water color paintings along with a narrative about the history of each one.

"At one time," he says, "these buildings were part of someone's home or workplace. People lived in them and watched the sunset from  their porch. At the migrant farms the ghosts of people who labored in the fields can be heard. You can hear the sound of children laughing." 
 Weathered Wood  Barn
Visitors, newcomers, long-time residents will gain an appreciation for Boulder County's fading past through this book. See more of Robert Dacey's art at his web site.
   Trim: 11.0" x 8.5"
   ISBN: 978-0-86541-246-0
   Price: $24.95

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